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We represent the largest international dealers of seashells in the world
If you want anything you do not see please contact us with
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Live Phone Number 800-746-0617  No Robots Here !

     Shipping  & Customs Rules     

        We will  normally ship your items within 24 hours excepting Sundays and some        
 holidays  or when we are occasionally overwhelmed with excessive orders 
Please ask for deadlines with your order  and enter any time requirements in the checkout
 special instructions box so it will travel with your order? 

*  Also be aware that all further customs charges for customs entry and specific laws for entry of seashell species into* 
your country of destination are the sole responsibility of the buyer.
 * Customs costs for entry and  regulations concerning entry of seashells *
species are something you must research for your country before placing your order !
All customs regulations are the sole responsibility of the customer.

The customer must research the customs and entry laws and pursue all efforts on their own behalf to get delivery of their shipment.
 After all we cannot know by any means as well as a local the customs regulations of any given country.
Especially since many countries arbitrarily change their rules without public notice.
 Nor can we have as much influence on the customs officials as a citizen of the ship delivery country can have.

Ask your local Customs before you order !

Our primary Shippers are UPS and The US Postal service using their weight to cost calculators within the shopping cart
 at the time of checkout. The shipping method you select will quote your total cost of shipping in the end !

To see the USVI & Puerto Rico destinations you must select them as a country in the country drop down menu at checkout!
USVI country should be USA as state VI only

Puerto Rico is a comonwealth with the United States and should be shown as Puerto Rico as the country

F0r the UK and Australia and others you will be asked to enter a state. You may  select NA at the top of the menu of states

Breakage claims must be made first to UPS by you and then please notify us. We are ultimately responsible for breakage
but UPS must be notified first by the customer to get a claim number at 
800 742 5877

Shipping Tools
For  shipping cost take your items into the shopping cart and enter your destination zip code and recalculate !

For time calculations use our zip code of 33811 and our city of Lakeland Florida
Thank you for your continued enthusiasm for our products,  Legendary Shells


Gift Wrapping !  &  State Taxes
Gift wrapping is available with a custom card at an additional  cost of $5.00

Any shipments made to addresses within the state of Florida must pay a 7% sate tax.

   Return Policy ..............>>   

   If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase we will after inspection of returned
item refund the entire purchase cost or make any exchanges as indicated in your return info letter.

Items must be posted within the first ten days after delivery for a total refund.
After ten days to one month they are considered  a rental return and only 75% of your purchase price will be refunded. After one month returns and refunds are not possible !
6501 Lunn Rd. Lakeland Florida 33811
 Legendary Shells Phone/Fax  863 8163337


 You must inspect deliveries upon arrival. In the event of breakage you must contact the carrier as soon as possible.
Please keep all packaging and labels as well as all broken pieces. The Carrier may want to inspect all items of the shipment.
We are responsible for unbroken delivery and replacement but you must contact the carrier by phone first


You must call UPS at 800 742 5877 and give them your track number and then please notify us after they give you a claim number 
The Carriers will want the tracking number off of your delivery label. Then they will call us to offer a settlement.
The Carriers will not consider any claim until the receiving customer calls them with a report.
We will send replacement items quickly after we hear from you.
Carriers  will not accept claims that are not made within a reasonable period of time so please call them now !
 And they may want to make an inspection so do not destroy the broken contents or the packing.
We are ultimately responsible to you and we will send replacement items as soon as we hear from you after you have called your carrier
Thank You, Legendary Shells


Our Rental Plan is simple 
Wedding Planners should see our new    Legendary rental plan page

Purchase whatever shells you want to use and give them to FedEx for return back to us within 30 days of delivery
and we will refund 75% of your purchase price

 Keep the ones you like best or send them all back for a 75% refund. Save our packing for return.
 When received by us in good condition we will refund your 75% fast and securely to your credit card. Mention you are renting in the shopping cart special instructions box.

 No further obligations at all

~ Please be sure shell lamps are empty of all oil before returning ~Policy

    Online Information Gathering     

For Conchking.com's  internal use and customer communication only, email addresses are collected from those who communicate with Conchking.com's via email, purchase products via this website, or request our newsletter update. 

Registering for a purchase
The information you provide upon registering to purchase includes general facts necessary for us to complete your order-your name, mailing address, shipping addresses, e-mail address, and credit card number.
Your credit card number is privileged information and will at no time be shared with a third party
Your online account information is stored and maintained in a secure location separate from this Web site. In fact we never actually receive your card numbers here
Only Verisign receives them !


Click here to read how it is safe to use your credit cards online ? >>

Here's why you won't have to worry about theft in the first place.
Here at ConchKing.com that process is managed by Verisign the most most trusted world leader in
"SSL Technology"

Verisign is known as the Fort Knox of processing and authorization  of credit cards

Protecting your order information is our top priority, so we use Secure Verisign Socket Layers (SSL) technology.
SSL encrypts ALL personal information provided during the order process (including credit card number, name and address) so that it
cannot be read as the information travels over the Internet.

How do you know when the secure connection is working?
https   MS Internet Explorer Lock  https://www.conchking.com/
To check the security of your connection, look at the lower left-hand corner of your browser window after accessing the server
 If you see an unbroken key or a closed lock (depending upon your browser), then SSL is active. You can also double-check by looking at the URL line of your browser
 When accessing a secure server, the first characters of the site address will change from " http" to " https.
The Verisign certificate at the left top also signifies that www.conchking.com is identified by Verisign Inc., as a legitimate site.
All information sent to this site in an SSL session is encrypted for your protection by Verisign Security
Remember that only pages that do collect vital personal information need to be https and others will appear as only as http

 Follow up measures
Your encrypted information is automatically transferred via a secure connection at Verisign to their secure server that is not accessible to anyone online.
Your order is then processed internally; no one but Verisign  will have access to your information. 
* In fact we never actually receive your card numbers here *
Only Verisign receives them ! Click the icon for Verification

Gift Wrapping !
Gift wrapping is available with a custom card at an additional  cost of $5.00