conch sea shells

These lovely sea shells have been used as beautiful natural decorations for thousands of years. Use your imagination to make conch sea shell creations of all kinds.


These Conch seashells are fished, hand selected and imported just for us from our Caribbean Fisherman friends. These are definitively the most beautiful conch seashells you have ever seen and we clean and polish every shell. These Conch shells are all gift quality shells.

Our shells have a much larger lip than other dealers because they are cared for from the time of Harvest and they are not shipped in bulk like most seashells worldwide. We clean and polish every shell, they are never coated with anything; just buffed to a high polish. No one else does this for you!

With our help mother nature does a very lovely job of creating wondrous natural seashells. These sea shells have all of their fresh original vivid colors from nature and the sea. These are fresh fished shells and have not been in some warehouse for years. Wonderful sea shell decorations as centerpieces for weddings and display in your home.

Centerpiece shells are sold without flowers so you can select fresh flowers of your choice. The best and cheapest way is to buy your flowers and cut to the length you want and then use a small plastic bag with water and a rubber band on the end of the group. Then some small pieces of clear packing tape down inside of the shell to get the flowers to stand up perfectly.