Shell Horns

Legendary Shipboard Style Seashell Trophy Horns
Used by the Royal British Navy for 500 Years as Signal Horns

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To hold a conch is to hold the history of the sea and some of it's most ancient sounds. To Conch Someone is to Honor them by blowing the Conch in their Tribute or Remembrance. The first thing you must have to make great Seashell horns trophy gifts are great shells, No one has Conch shells like we do in all of America.

Used for centuries by indigenous Indians and British Naval personal as well as Yachtsmen all over the world as a signaling device!

Listed By the US Coast Guard as approved signal Horns for Passenger carrying Vessels Perfect sailing Gifts. Great Working Sail race Trophies and as Traditional sail crossing signals.

Hand Crafted Acoustics

All Legendary Horns come with a brass mouthpiece unless customized by you! Cutting seashell horns for great acoustics is an art that we have perfected over many years of making the worlds very finest Shell Horns!