Exotic Wedding Seashells
Decorations & Rentals
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Fresh Fished Caribbean Conch Shells
  The Worlds finest Centerpieces !
*You can also rent these shells Go to hear how > 

Romantic White Irish Sea Scallops as Place Card Stands & Real Sand Dollars as Place Cards!
Now see the new printed ribbon as engraving on sand dollars or anything else !

Click the ribbon for details
    Natural Starfish & Seashells Favors       

Very Lovely favors and place markers when drilled and used with ribbons
We will drill your shells for free ! Natural and inexpensive !


Engraved Wedding Horns & Lamps Keepsakes for a Lifetime
Horn of Siddhartha         Conch Seashell Horns        Hawaiian Triton Horns

 See The Shell Horns Wedding Ceremony of Royal Hawaii !

 Traditional Hawaiian South Seas Shell Wedding Horns

 Best Quality Guaranteed or refund back
Cleaned & polished Guaranteed delivery unbroken !


         Give a unique new gift no one has ever seen before !             
As Seen on The Google Unique New Gifts Page

All Lamps can be made with oversized Base for an engraved Faux Ivory Oval much like the Horns are engraved !

For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir
   Mother Nature and I are proud of these unique natural never seen tropical decor gift ideas            
Special Never Seen
Romantic Gifts That will be remembered for a lifetime
These very unusual
decor gifts are now being used as romantic decor at weddings and in fine homes everywhere
Beautiful housewarming
island decor gifts with flowers and flames while burning !!

Glorious Sand Ceremony Sets and Lifetime Display Keepsakes ! Capiz Clam Dish and set of two  Nautilus Shells !
Made from 100% Capiz Oyster shells
Perfect for Shell Displays with sand
 Durable and beautiful display decor pieces.
Not for use with liquids or wet foods !

Cardium Cardissa (Pairs) The “Heart Cockle”
     (1¼"-2¼ white) $14.00 per dozen
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  (1¼"-2¼(color) $24.20 per dozen
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Special All White Mixed Seashells
  Large (1" - 3") $17.00  1 Gal
purchase botton
   Large (1"-3") $80.00  5  Gal
purchase botton

     Small (¾"-1¾") $13.50   1  Gal purchase botton

Cello Boxes of Selected White Wedding Shells 1 to 4" rarely any broken shells

Very nice Quality 4x4" Approximate 15+ shells purchase botton
Gift Quality 4x8" Approximate 30+ shells purchase botton



  Shell Oil Lamps
                                                                                             Just Shell Centerpieces   

Spectacular Decoration Rentals

See the ring bearer shell purse collection !

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Abolone 1 - Click For Larger View
Lifetime Shell & Coral
 Island Leis
"Very Special"

Very Unique Wedding
Shell Favors

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