Small Abalone Shells

Small Abalone Pearl Red Black & Green
Cleaned & polished Guaranteed delivery unbroken !

Green Abolone - Click For Larger View
Green Abalone purchase botton
(2"-3") $9.50  Dozen

Polished Red Abalone
 2.5 to 3.5" $4.00 Ea
purchase botton


Pearl Abolone - Click For Larger View
Pearl Abalone
 (3"-Up) $9.50 per Dozen  Purchase this item
(2"- 3") $5.80 per Dozen  Purchase this item

Ruff Red Abalone - Click For Larger View
Ruff Red Abalone
(2"-2") $13.50 Dozen
purchase botton

Ruber Green Abalone - Click For Larger View
Rubber Green Abalone
 (2"-3") $2.50 Ea
purchase botton

Haliotis Glabra - Click For Larger View
Haliotis Glabra
 (2"-2") $2.50 Ea
purchase botton

Colored Baby Abalones - Click For Larger View
Dyed Baby Abalones Ruff -- SOLD OUT!
(3"-4") $3.50 Ea

Natural Abalone Pieces & Crushed
Green Silver  Orange White Blue
("-1") $13.50 Kilo

 Craft Abalone & Oysters Ruff

Abalone are one of the very most lustrous & iridescent of all seashells
Very lovely Wedding favors or just decorations with other shells
These are really nice pieces !

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Abalone History

Abalone are a favorite food for some marine species including sea otters. Otters are one of the few tool-using mammals (besides man) and they are known to carry a rock that they use to crack the shell of the abalone underwater so they can remove it from its substrate. They then use the rock, at the surface, to crack the shell off and eat the yummy abalone. An occasional shark or large fish may be able to get small abalone off the rock for a meal, but, in general the abalone is well protected by its strong shell. For thousands of years the abalone has existed with its natural marine predators.


Sea Otter floating on back using a rock to crack open an abalone
What a nice way to have lunch !

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