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Wedding Shells

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Caribbean Triton  - Click For Larger View
Caribbean Tritons

Cassis Cornuta - Click For Larger View

Cassis Cornuta
See the Hawaiian Pacific Pu Shells Story >>

Placuna Oyster - Click For Larger View
Placuna Oyster Ruff
(4"-6") $14.75 Dz
purchase botton


Bonnet Shell - Click For Larger View
Bonnet Shells
(2"-4") $3.50 Ea purchase botton

Tiger Clam - Click For Larger View

Tiger Clam Half Ruff & Polished
(3"-4") ruff $6.50 Dozen
purchase botton
  (2"-3" ) ruff $6.00 Dozen
purchase botton
Polished singles (3"-4") $1.80 Ea purchase botton
Polished (Pairs) (3"-4") $2.50 Ea  purchase botton

Shankh  Welk  Conch
Left turning sinistral shells


White Spindle - Click For Larger View
Spindle Shells
 (5-6") $
3.50 Ea  purchase botton
(3-5") $2.50 Ea purchase botton

Baby Olive Shells - Click For Larger View
Baby Olive Shells
One Dozen (" - 1") $6.00 purchase botton
Gold Olive Shells
(1"-2") $7.50 Dozen
purchase botton


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details and other sizes  

Orange lions paw singles - Click For Larger View
Orange lions paw singles Ruff
(5"Up) $5.50 Ea
purchase botton

Cebu Clam Singles - Click For Larger View
Cebu Clam Singles
   (6"-7") $3.50 Ea
purchase botton
(7" UP) $4.50 Ea
purchase botton

Seahorse - Click For Larger View
Wild Sea Horses
(1"-1") $13.00 DZ
purchase botton
(1"-2") $16.50 DZ
purchase botton
(2"-2") $1.75Ea
purchase botton
    (2"-3") $2.50 Ea
purchase botton
    (3"-3") $3.00 Ea
purchase botton

Real Coconut Crab - Click For Larger View
Real Dried Coconut Crab

(4"-5") $21.00 EA
purchase botton
(5"-6") $27.00 EA
purchase botton
(6"-7") $29.00 EA
purchase botton


Horse Shoe Crab - Click For Larger View
Horseshoe Crabs
(20"-24") $36.00 Ea
purchase botton

Grade A Shark Jaws - Click For Larger View
Giant Grade A Sharks Jaws
Contain 100rds of sharks teeth !
Very Sharp !

Pacific Tonna Tessalata Seashells

Cassis Rufa- Cameo Seashells

 Pacific Lampas Seashells  
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Pink Tellins - Click For Larger View
 Pink Tellins
    (3/4 - 2" ) $3.50 Per Dozen   purchase botton
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Replica Coins, Books
And other Pirate Gear

See the ring bearer shell purse collection !

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Seashell Preparation Facts
Seashells never come from the sea in nice condition
There are many things that grow on them. Like other small shells and all kinds of grass
They usually have chipped edges and scratches that need to be trimmed down and polished
Unless you have the equipment and the experience you will live with these imperfections forever
We know how to do this work very well and we go over every shell we sell carefully !
Like any trade practice makes perfect and we are well beyond practice
We have developed some very unique methods of cleaning and polishing to a lovely final result
Our prices are competitive and our consistent quality is the best there is !