Placuna Oyster & Abalone Ruff

Placuna Oyster - Click For Larger View

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Placuna Oyster Ruff

(4"-6") $14.75 Dozen purchase botton

White Craft Abalone
 (3"-4") $2.50 Ea purchase botton

Ruff Red Abalone - Click For Larger View
Ruff Red Abalone
(2"-2") $13.50 Dozen
purchase botton

Ruff Baby Abalone - Click For Larger View
Ruff Baby Abalone
   (3"-4") $2.00 Ea
purchase botton
(4"-4") $2.50 Ea
purchase botton

Pink abolone ruff back - Click For Larger View

Pink Abalone sea shells ruff back
(4"-5") $5.60 Ea 
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Green Abolone (Ruff) - Click For Larger View
Green Abalone sea shell (ruff back) 
(4"-5") $7.50 Ea  Purchase this item

Ruber Green Abalone - Click For Larger View
Rubber Green Abalone
(2"-3") $2.50 Ea
purchase botton

MOP Oysters Ruff 2"-3" $12.00 Dozen purchase botton
Very lovely when polished

Very lovely when polished. Very Showy for Oysters Rockefeller

We represent the largest importers of seashells in the world
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