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Family: Cassidae. The Helmet family includes bonnets, false tuns, and true helmets
 They number around 60 species worldwide
 The larger Helmets feed on members of the sea urchin family
The helmet creature uses its radular teeth and acidic secretions to drill a hole into the shell of the urchin and digest the soft parts within. They live in shallow waters with most of the shell buried below the surface of the sand. The larger helmets build a “shield” to help them glide along the sandy sea bottom. Interesting Facts: Helmet shells have been used since the Roman Empire for everything from food to cooking pots, trumpets, and jewelry. Most cameos are made from the Bullmouth helmet shell (Cypraecassis rufa). This shell which is native to East Africa is shipped to Italy for carving into cameos. Julius Caesar presented Cleopatra with a cameo shell as a sign of his affection for the Egyptian Queen.

 Seashell Preparation Facts
Seashells never come from the sea in perfect condition
There are many things that grow on them. Like other small shells and all kinds of grass
They usually have chipped edges and scratches that need to be trimmed down and polished
Unless you have the equipment and the experience you will live with these imperfections forever
We know how to do this work very well
Like any trade practice makes perfect and we are well beyond practice
We have developed some very unique methods of cleaning and polishing to a lovely final result
Our prices are competitive and our consistent quality is best there is !