Lovely Fancy for  cooking and baking seafood of all sorts ! Very durable reusable Seashells !
Use them the next time you treat yourself, or your guests, to crab cakes, caviar canapés, Coquilles Saint Jacques , Clams Casino or Shrimp Scampi
or after-dinner petit fours. These naturally harvested shells make a beautiful presentation for your baked fish and seafood creations making a special and lasting impression on your guests
We Have Contracts with Fishing Companies and Fishing Families All Through The Entire North Atlantic, Caribbean , Scandinavian and Mediterranean Waters !

Hello and Welcome, this is Robert at Legendary shells. We normally sell hundreds of thousands of these great cooking and baking shells every year to all parts of the world.
In other words these shells have proven themselves to professional chefs to be perfect reusable cooking and serving seashells for many years
 Some commercial restaurants still have shells they have bought from us over 10 years ago. 
 Fishing of many varieties of shells is seasonal so new types of shells will appear on our pages as the seasons of the year change.

Live Phone Number 800-746-0617  No Robots Here !
Thank you for visiting Legendary Shells, Robert

532 Reviews

White Irish Scallops
Used by leading Restaurants

     (4-4½") $15.95 Dozen Add To Cart
    (4-4½") X 100 $99.00
 Add To Cart  20% saved

Tahitian Deep Scallops
Deep Bowl holds twice as much as Other shells of this size
These are very great cooking shells for the price

     3-3½"$11.00 Dozen Add To Cart
3-3½" $76.00  X 100 Add To Cart    

Norway Deep Clams 2-3" $11.00 by the dozen Add To Cart
Norway Deep Clams 2-3" $76.00 by the 100 Add To Cart

47690 Chocolate Clam 6-7 cm

Madagascar Clams 3-4" $15.00 Dozen Add To Cart
Madagascar Clams 3-4" $99.00 x Hundred Add To Cart 
Elegant very Gourmet Polished Top Quality
Irish Flat Scallop - Click For Larger View

Mediterranean Flat Scallop
(4½-5")$15.95 doz  Add To Cart
Buy 100 $99.00 Add To Cart
Beautiful Presentation  Shells
Mexican Flats - Click For Larger View
Moroccan Fan Shells buy the dozen  $7.60 Add To Cart
Moroccan Fan Shells (2¾"-3¼")$60.00 Hun Add To Cart 
Very durable strong and flat



  Most Popular with Hi end Restaurants Below/ Larger Thicker Shells   
            These thicker  shells will continue to cook after being removed from Oven 
~ They stay hot longer !  

Red Lions Paws Singles
Extra Fancy Great For Baking !
  Now 5-6" $5.00 Ea  Add To Cart
                   Buy the dozen= $55.00 Add To Cart
                          Buy 100 = $350.00 or $3.50Ea Add To Cart

Rare Orange Lions Paws
Very Special Exotic Great For Baking !
 Now 5-6" $7.00 Ea Add To Cart  Not in season
Perfect for baking and presenting very gourmet seafood   

They are  rugged, very heat stable and easy to clean
They are not coated with anything and are safe to use with foodstuffs and dishwasher safe !
Used by many Top restaurants worldwide
These real seashells are wonderful to use with any seafood dish
 Professional Chefs usually cook their seafood dishes in a large pot or a fry pan and then scoop it into the shells at the last
 Then under the broiler for a few minutes with parmesan cheese, thin sliced tomatoes and spices to give it all a crisp top that is not dried out inside
 The shells can withstand oven baking if you wish but in the end the moisture content is not as easy to control as preparing in bulk and then served out


Recipes from clams & scallops to many other seafoods can be served for years in these fine quality natural shells !
These are the perfect presentation shells for all recipes
Hundreds of thousands have been sold to restaurants worldwide
Our prices are the lowest because we sell directly from the scallop fishermen to you !

See the Giant Clams as Grand Serving Seafood Boats

And Giant Clams for serving seafood like shrimp on ice. Or all seashell preparations cold on the half shell !
  Go to See the Giant Clams for sale! >>

With Ice Giant Clams are the Worlds Most Lovely Shrimp Boats !
Go to see the Giant Clams Page

Giant Clams Become Giant Shrimp Boats

Unique Display Half #101
Perfect 15 x 10.5" x 11 lbs
Add To Cart $450.00

Food Grade Strong Plastic Serving Dishes
Either White or Pearl

We represent the largest importers of seashells in the world
If you want anything you do not see please contact us with a Live phone call

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Island Shell Sailing Signal Horns

     Horn of Vishnu            Conch Seashell Horns       
           Hawaiian Triton Horns

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Engraved Faux Ivory Plate and scallop shell stand for Shell Oil Candles
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All Lamps can be made with oversized Base for an engraved Faux Ivory Oval much like the Horns are engraved !

For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir
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