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All are 3/8"-1/2" + inch thick real teakwood

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Quality Teakwood Treasure Chests 3/8 inch thick !

Heavy Blackbeard's Locks Smithy made of real iron with Hammered Rivets
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                   Mid-East Style Velvet Bag with Draw String, 5.5" x 4" $1.00 Ea Add To Cart         

History of the Spanish Doubloon

The Spanish Doubloon was a seven-gram (.225 Troy-ounce) gold coin minted in Spain, Mexico, and the Spanish settlement of Nueva Grenada (present-day Peru)
that was used widely in the Americas until the mid-nineteenth century
 The word “doubloon” has its roots in the Latin word “duplus,” meaning double, a reference to denomination of this coin worth two escudos
 These gold coins were eventually minted in four denominations, worth one, two, four, and eight escudos respectively.

Throughout the 16th and 17th centuries, gold doubloons played a pivotal role in the Spanish economy and were a major part of its colonial activities
 Doubloons minted in the Americas were carried on Spanish galleons throughout the Caribbean and across the world to trade for highly sought after commodities such as silks and spices
 As they made their way across the vast seas and oceans, the captains of these ships were always wary of attack from marauding pirates 
The pirates knew full well that if they could manage to intercept a Spanish galleon en route to its trading destination, their chances of finding gold aboard were extremely high

Minted on the front of the doubloon is the coat of arms of the Hapsburg royal family, known as the “Hapsburg Shield.” Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain,
remembered by history as the king and queen who launched the voyage of Christopher Columbus, were part of the Hapsburg royal lineage 
The “Crusader’s Cross” is stamped on the coin's reverse. The appearance of this symbol indicates the close tie between religion and government in Spain in the 16th and 17th century
 The doubloon’s reverse also contains a lion, representing the Spanish province of Leon and a castle, the symbol of the province of Castile.

Why aren't Doubloons round ??

Because Doubloons were minted entirely by hand, creating a perfectly round coin was virtually impossible. First, gold was melted down and poured into thin strips
 As the gold strips cooled, they were pressed until they met the desired thickness. Coin-shaped pieces were then cut from the strips of metal to create what are known today as “blanks”
 The blanks were then pressed against an engraved coin die and struck repeatedly until the design of the die was embedded in the soft metal
 After the coins were weighed, excess metal was trimmed away by hand.

Doubloons in American History

Colonial America was awash in coins from all across Europe. Dutch Thalers mixed with English pounds, French Francs, and Spanish gold pieces of eight
 As it happened, a considerable number of these coins were put into circulation by pirates sailing north from the Caribbean to commercial centers such as New York
 The Spanish gold doubloon most definitely made its way to New York and was certainly used in commercial trade there
 In fact, an American version of the doubloon was first minted in 1787 by a man named Ephraim Brasher
 The so-called “Brasher Doubloon” is now one of the most valuable and coveted rare gold coins in the world

The romance of ancient treasure coins! Silver Reals from the Spanish Empire! Pieces of eight! Doubloons! Escudos of gleaming gold!
 To hold these coins in our hands, whether actual artifacts or carefully crafted duplicates, is to feel the heft of those ancient treasures and happily allow the mind to travel back
 ... back to a world where marvelous sailing ships; adventurous explorers; conquistadores, colonial wars, pre-Columbian civilizations,
blood thirsty pirates and horrible hurricanes all stamped their imprint on our history!

Arrg !  Maties

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All Lamps can be made with oversized Base for an engraved Faux Ivory Oval much like the Horns are engraved !

For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir
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