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Be sure and see the Collection of Lifetime Refillable Real Seashell Oil Candles

         Give a unique new gift no one has ever seen before !             
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Lifetime lamps are refillable forever
 Worlds only Lifetime shell lamps using natural shell chambers to store oil  
For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has
ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir

  Mother Nature and I are both proud of these natural never seen unique new gifts
Shell chambers resist predators of all sorts in one of the worlds harshest environments
Our unique process permanently closes and seals the upper chamber forever
These lamps can be easily refilled again and again by removing the wick stem like a cork

 All oil is contained inside the shell body only. The open mouth remains dry and clean.
With a lifetime fiberglass wick they are truly lifetime lamps !

  Mother Nature and I are both proud of these unique natural never seen new tropical gifts 
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We represent the largest international dealers of seashells in the world
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We are the Worlds only makers of these unique lamps right here in the USA !  

     My name is Robert Trafton. I grew up in the Virgin Islands. St Croix to be exact. I sailed people out to the great reef off St Croix for many years as a teenager.
I was swimming and diving the drop off reef every day for over 12 years. I learned allot about free diving and the natural way that reefs grow and rebuild.

    I grew from that to operating fish freezing depots on all of the Windward Islands.
This was in the period of 1980 to 1986 when dependable power on most of the Windward Islands did not exist.
These self-powered diesel driven freeze stations made it possible for the local fishermen on the islands to have a much greater market for their fish than just selling on the local street.
My French partners and I each owned an inter-island style freezer ship that would visit the local depots and carry the pre-packaged frozen fish directly to Port Everglades in Florida to the waiting supermarket trucks to carry off.

    As a result I became very well acquainted with all of the island governments and all of the island fishing families as well.
Those friendships have survived to this day and all of the shells they fish are now carefully collected and selected just for me.
Very few people have a supply chain as wonderful as I have.
    After returning from years of work in Europe and North Africa I sought out my only relatives that were living in a warm climate here near Tampa Florida. Lakeland Fl. to be exact.
 What I found was the only inexpensive land left in Florida. Near the coasts is now an economic roadblock for me.

     In 1997 I began Legendary shells company. Web address http://www.ConchKing.com.
 Not long after I began to experiment with a number of varieties of giant seashells to create the world’s first lifetime refillable self-contained seashell oil candles.
 Each type of shell was a different challenge. After two years of experiment and testing I learned how to efficiently and artfully close the upper chambers of all of those different shells.
I was of course selling them as they were developed all of that time along with all of our other unique product line as well.
 I then attempted to get a US patent on the idea and process. They were a miserable mess as an agency.
They ended up accepting the idea as totally unique but refused me a patent because as they explained I had been selling them for too long.
 I then Reminded them that I had been waiting for over 2 years for their decision and I was trying to stay alive all of that time.
However  the end the patent office did say that no one else would ever be able to patent the idea. I was disapointed since I had worked for such a long time.
But in the end I had  found that I had a very wonderful large public demand. The more I sold the more people were able to see them and they took off in a very great way.
 And I found that apparently no one else was able to figure out how they were made. Even in this very aggressive world that we live in I have not seen anyone else trying to market the idea.

    My problem and opportunity today is to find enough cash to train about 3 people (to start) in the making of these lamps.
And to find and afford a small commercial manufacturing site with a lease. These lamps take time and work to create.
 I do not have enough time by myself to fill other orders and to run and pay for my web site and all the costs that are required. I just do not have enough time.
However the big news is that my selling potential to other merchants is endless. I have many requests from merchant stores all over the world. That is if I can bring the price down by about 25%. 
This can be accomplished by a team effort. But that jump to more professional skilled hands will take time and cash to create. This is now a proven idea that I control and know everything about.
These lovely warm lamps are truly spellbinding as the light passes right through the shells and they become animated by the movement of the flame.

    I am now asking for support from true patrons of the Arts and Unique Design.
Find Out how you can choose and own one of my hand made special edition lamps with a signed card by me Robert Dean Trafton.   


The Blue Jinn Story !

 Aladdin came in possession of the Sultan's lamp, and released a Magic Jinn who granted him three wishes
 He soon learned to be careful what he wished for
 And meanwhile the Sultan wanted his lamp back and sent soldiers looking for him
 So Aladdin decided to make a more beautiful lamp to replace the one he had found
He thought for days about what could be the most beautiful thing he could make a lamp with
 He finally asked the Blue Jinn what he thought and he said that first he wanted to consult with Mother Nature
Mother Nature quickly said why not make a lamp out of one of my very finest creations a real Giant Seashell
So he decided to make one out of a real Triton Seashell
The sultan became so mesmerized by the beauty of the new lamp that he forgot all about the one Aladdin had found
 And so he was named as the prestigious Royal Palace Lamp maker forever thereafter
Aladdin was then ordered to make many more Sea Shell Wish lamps for the palace
They all had very magical properties of their own as the light passed through the shells and came alive with the movement of the flame

Best of three wishes from Legendary Shells

Legendary Seashell Wish Lamps are Very Magical in Low Light !