Give something no one has ever seen before !              
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         Give a unique new gift no one has ever seen before !             
As Seen on The Google Unique New Gifts Page

All Lamps can be made with oversized Base for an engraved Faux Ivory Oval much like the Horns are engraved !

For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir
   Mother Nature and I are proud of these unique natural never seen tropical decor gift ideas            
Special Never Seen
Romantic Gifts That will be remembered for a lifetime
These very unusual
decor gifts are now being used as romantic decor at weddings and in fine homes everywhere
Beautiful housewarming
island decor gifts with flowers and flames while burning !!

 Best Quality Guaranteed or refund back

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Lamps Collection   

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 Amazing Gifts Never Made Before   

For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir

These are the first real Shell Oil Candles!  

  ~The Method ~

Our Patent pending process for closing the upper chamber of natural sea shells involves the permanent closure of the upper chamber.

 This is how these shells can hold water and flowers in the open side while burning oil from the closed upper chamber !


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~ Refilling ~

All of these lamps can be filled again and again forever by removing the wick assembly like a cork. Oil candle oil is sold at Wal-Mart and Walgreen's for about .50 cents per ounce. Much less than regular candles.  And with a non burning fiberglass wick they are lifetime lamps. 


 The open mouth remains clean and dry
 Water and flowers can be put in the open side !



~ Positioning ~

These lamps can stand in many different positions and burn just the same

All Wish lamps can burn in different positions allowing water and flowers in the open mouth

 These three Murex shown above right are all the same shell
They can also hold water & flowers like the Nautilus and Triton shells or potpourri in the bath !

Care must be taken that the fill wick holder does not get positioned lower than oil level. Like all candles these lamps could become a fire hazard.  Children and animals are fascinated by the shells and the flame !

Mother Nature and I have taken great care in the creation of these lovely shell lamps !

~ We are both proud of them ~

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Most Amazing Gifts Since Aladdin's Lamp

These unique candles are wonderful shell gifts and never seen before decor pieces

Shell oil candles have never been made from natural shells before

These are the only sea shell oil candles made anywhere

Shell oil candle gifts are a completely new invention never made before.  Shell oil lamps are now used as shell gifts of all sorts. The sea shell lamps are also used as wedding decorations all over the world. Shell candles that store the oil internally are economical at about ....10 cents per hour of burning.  Much less than wax candles. These are the only sea shell oil candles made anywhere. Sea shell oil lamps are beautiful whether they are burning or not ! Very special oil candle gifts

 Lovely new unique candles  !

Never seen anywhere shell lamps & sea shell gifts

These sea shells make outstanding oil candles or oil lamps that are perfect shell gifts. Seashells used to make shell oil lamps are very carefully selected . Shell lamps like these have never been seen before. These shell oil lamps are now being used by celebrity wedding planners in California

The Most magical unique candles  since Aladdin's lamp!

Amazing unique shell gifts

These seashell oil lamps are all hand made. Lifetime seashell candles have never been made before
Seashell oil candles can be refilled forever. The perfect
unique candles shell gift

 Spectacular Candle Centerpieces 

Most unique centerpiece wedding decoration since Aladdin's lamp

  These handmade candles are  wonderful natural wedding centerpieces and as a never seen before nautical gift. The conch and large murex and the triton shells can all hold water in the outer open shell for cut flowers while burning  ! These shells create very unusual never seen before candle centerpieces. Never seen unique candle gifts

All of these handmade candles are naturally translucent. Very special oil lamp gifts

 In the dark or low light they put on quite a show as the flame moves & flickers bringing your hand made candles to life. Imagine  a sunset beach wedding with the reception after with wedding center pieces of completely unique glowing shell oil candles

Amazing unique shell gifts

And as Cake Toppers that have never been seen before. A lovely Nautilus shell for the top and other smaller shells below and your cake will be flaming  masterpiece wedding center pieces


Be sure and see the Tiger Nautilus Wish Lamps Oil Candles

Triton Wish Lamp & Aladdin's Magic Lamp

The Blue Jinn Story

 Aladdin came in possession of the Sultan's lamp, and released a Magic Jinn who granted him three wishes
 He soon learned to be careful what he wished for
 And meanwhile the Sultan wanted his lamp back and sent soldiers looking for him
 So Aladdin decided to make a more beautiful lamp to replace the one he had found
He thought for days about what could be the most beautiful thing he could make a lamp with
 He finally asked the Blue Jinn what he thought and he said that first he wanted to consult with Mother Nature
Mother Nature quickly said why not make a lamp out of one of my very finest creations a real Giant Seashell
So he decided to make one out of a real Triton Seashell
The sultan became so mesmerized by the beauty of the new lamp that he forgot all about the one Aladdin had found
 And so Aladdin was named as the prestigious Royal Palace Lamp maker forever thereafter
Aladdin was then ordered to make many more Sea Shell Wish lamps for the palace
They all had very magical properties of their own as the light passed through the shells and came alive with the movement of the flame

Best of three wishes Legendary Shells

Seashell lamps in low light become very animated as they move with the flickering flame