Never Seen Beach Wedding Decorations Ideas
Amazing Unique Beach Wedding Gifts    

  Never seen lamps & Centerpieces     

Fresh Fished Caribbean Conch Shells With or Without Lamp 
The Worlds finest Island Centerpieces !
All of our conch are trimmed so they will stand as a vase for water & flowers or silk !
*You can also rent these shells*



 Engraved Keepsakes for a Lifetime
The Shell Horns Wedding Ceremony of Royal Hawaii

 Traditional Hawaiian South Seas Shell Wedding Horns
ive something no one has ever seen before !  

  Go to see very unique shell lamps photo pages  P  


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    Natural Seashells Favors       

 Very Lovely favors and place markers when drilled and used with ribbons
 We will drill your shells for free ! Natural and inexpensive !
Florida and other Sand Dollars as Place cards & Real Scallop Shell Holders

Glorious Sand Ceremony Sets and Lifetime Display Keepsakes !

Totally Unique Beach Wedding Ideas & Unique Beach Wedding Gifts
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Seashells of the World
Pro Cleaned & Polished

Wild Original Shell

Very Unique Wedding
Shell Favo

Lifetime Shell & Coral
 Island Leis


The Worlds Most Exotic Seashells Polished  & Cleaned
See Large & Giant Conch Shells ~ Americas Finest
Celebrity California Wedding planners have used these Beach Wedding Favors as

 Cake Decorations and  Romantic Decorating

            Creative people do appreciate creative things               

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> Dear Conch King...
> I just wanted to let you know that the conch horns and shell candles arrived
> the other day and they are absolutely gorgeous!  The quality is impeccable,
> the shells exquisite, and I just can't rave enough!  One is for my sister,
> who retired on her sailboat, and the other is for our daughter's wedding.
> Both will be heirloom gifts, and they will have fun using them, too!  Thanks
> again, so very much, for such an extraordinary product!!!  You are
> right...creative people (I'm a multimedia artist) will search high and low
> for truly creative things, and I'm so glad I found you!
> Gayle Rose
> Feel free to post this rave on your website!

Never seen Beach Wedding Decorations and Beach wedding Gifts