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South Seas Unique Wedding Favors 
Select the shells you like for favors or decorations ! Click the ribbon for details
    Natural Seashell Favors      

      Wild and beautiful traditional lifetime shell & coral leis        

Selected Wedding Shells
Celebrity Decorations

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Pink Abalone 3"

Sold by one each $2.50


Silver Abalone 3"

Sold by one each $2.50


Blue Abalone 3"

Sold by one each $2.50


White Murex 3" $2.50


Center cut cones  3"

Sold by one each $2.50

Pearl Silver Bells 3"

Sold by one each $2.50

 Fancy Crown Star 5 to 6"

Sold by one each $3.00



Dressed Pectin 3"

Sold by one each $2.50

Pectin Angles 5"

Sold by one each $2.50

     Lifetime Lamps


Small White Murex Shells

A very lovely never seen before lifetime flaming small oil candle. Now being used as an individual place favor  and gift after the celebration
$32.00  7 to 8"


Lifetime Lamps


Small Atlantic Fox Shells
One of the most famous wish lamps now made. These Lamps will burn for many hours on one refill of oil. Click photo for more details
$22.00  7 to 8"

Lifetime Lamps  

Small lamps are wonderful    

Unique Tea Lights Sets   

Now on sale until Christmas  
Wonderful lifetime lamps
Use the set anyway you want

A gift that will be remembered for a lifetime
3 Piece Sets $63.00


See the other Wish Lamps

Tiger Nautilus are famous at California celebrity weddings

Totally unique Cake toppers and decorations

==Reusable lifetime lamps==
Decorate a cake and then your home for a lifetime


Many different lamps are made

Nautilus lamps are very light so they are perfect for cake tops


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   See how Lamps are made info page

Totally unique wedding favors that have never been seen before
Legendary Shells has now created these very unique beach wedding favors
The shell lamps are quality lifetime reusable Island wedding favors never seen before
Wonderful as favor gifts that can be used first to decorate and after as gifts
Or keep these lovely romantic wedding party favors as a lifetime memory at home
Truly the best, lasting, economical and beautiful wedding favors ideas in a long time
These never seen wedding favors are as unique as the people they represent
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