Turbo Semanticus Africa
Turbo Semanticus  (africa) - Click For Larger View  Dyed Copper Semanticus  - Click For Larger View

 Cleaned & polished Guaranteed delivery unbroken !
Seashells never come from the sea in clean perfect condition
We clean & polish every shell we sell ! 
No one else does this anywhere !
We take all the junk to the flee markets. We do not try to mix it in with the nice shells
Shells usually have chipped edges and scratches that need to be trimmed down and polished
Unless you have the equipment and the experience you will live with these imperfections forever

Our prices are very competitive and our consistent quality is the very best there is !
We only sell remarkable finished products. We are Pros for 30 years! 
Best quality Presentation shells you can get
 No surprises !   No dummies !

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Turbo Semanticus Africa
   (2-2 ) $8.50 Ea
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(2-3 ") $11.50 Ea
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(3-3" ) $13.50 Ea
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(3"-4") $16.50 Ea
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These are one of my very favorite polished shells ! Robert

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 Copper Semanticus

 (3"-3") $1500 EA purchase botton
(3"-4") $17.00 EA
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(4"-4") $19.00 EA
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We represent the largest importers of seashells in the world
If you want anything you do not see please contact us with a free phone call

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