Tropical Beach Weddings Traditions
Traditional Tropical  Island Wedding Horns

  Caribbean Conch Horns                                                    Pacific Triton Horns  

  Listen to the horns & read how to blow shell horns & Facts   

In the tradition of all Pacific Islanders these horns are always blown to herald the New Marriage
The blowing of shell horns to herald the new wedding in a very romantic moment !
That moment can be remembered for a lifetime with these natural engraved keepsakes

These are beautiful engraved heirloom pieces that will be a treasured keepsake forever
Lovely south seas island wedding traditions celebration horns

             Shell Wedding Horns                               

     A pair of first men blow the horns in concert as
           the new couple is pronounced man & wife

These beautifully engraved Horns will be a Family Wedding Keepsake Heirloom for a lifetime
Lovely Traditional Ceremonial Horns for Weddings, Luaus and all Important Gatherings !

Faux Ivory Plates look great engraved as a Gift Keepsake
    >>See Custom Engraving info Page >>

>>See Custom Engraving info Page >>
Engraving costs must be paid at check out or will not be done !

Selected Wedding Seashells
Celebrity Decorations
~ Printed Ribbon Favors
Sand Dollars !!

Centerpieces, Oil Lamps, Seashells   
and Leis as Wedding Rentals 

Sand Ceremony Wedding Sets

Conch Giants & Super Giants

To hold a conch is to hold the history of the sea and some of it's most ancient sounds
To Conch Someone is to Blow the Conch in Tribute and Remembrance in Their Honor!

The first thing you must have to make great conch horns trophy gifts are great shells
No one has conch shells like we do in all of America

Fresh Fished Caribbean Conch Shells  The Worlds finest Island Centerpieces !
All of our conch will stand as a vase for water & flowers or silk !
*You can also rent these shells*

These are the worlds only real island shell horns made to true trophy quality
They are made to be kept for a lifetime as a beautiful heirloom keepsake with the couples
names and  place and date of the marriage engraved on the lanyard plate
   We have been the worlds only quality shell horn makers for over 30 years     

   Celebrity Weddings !   
These tropical south seas island wedding horns were used at the wedding of
Nicholas Cage to Lisa Presley and many others
 Many celebrity weddings have been celebrated with these shell horns
 These natural engraved island wedding traditions have been popular for Thousands of years !
 Traditional Shell Wedding horns will turn your own celebrity weddings into an occasion of jubilation and high spirits !

   Engraved shell horns are wonderful lifetime keepsakes after the wedding or groomsmen gifts 

See special sand carved engraving of Horns lanyard plates  >>

Lovely Wedding Horns Inscriptions  on faux ivory lanyard plates

Horns have a brass mouthpiece & can be engraved to your specifications
We are the worlds only makers of shell trophy wedding horns for over 30 years now !
Our consistent quality is well known. See our feedback page to see what people are saying
These lovely real natural seashell island wedding traditions have been used for centuries to celebrate all south seas weddings

Shell horns are easy to blow and make a thunderous load sound
Get your groomsmen or bridesmaid to practice before the wedding and watch the fun
Shell horns are now being used all over the world to celebrate weddings in true island fashion

   Go to the store to see all horns and lamps for sale    >>

Hand Crafted Acoustics
All Legendary Horns come with a brass mouthpiece unless customized by you !
Cutting seashell horns for great acoustics is an art that we have perfected over many years of making
 the worlds very finest Shell Horns !
All  Horns have a brass mouthpiece unless you customize your horn with special instructions at checkout !

 Glorious Sand Ceremony Sets

      See The Royal Hawaiian Pu Horns     >>

Cool other history Pages you should see for sure
     Learn more about shell horns. Visit the Hindu & Buddhist pages  >>   
See the Seafaring Sailing History of these Amazing Shell Horns 

Hawaiian Kia Practicing With Our  Triton Horns
Ancient Triton Horns

  Giant Triton Horns 11to 12" after cut, 13 to 14" before $188.00  purchase botton
  Large Triton Horns 10 to 11" after cut 12 to 13" before $135.00  purchase botton
       Triton Trumpets  8 to 9"  Great Higher   pitched   horn  $85.00 purchase botton
   Triton Tripper 6 to 8" after cut  Very loud cool little Horns $65.00 Add To Cart 

Select engraving and add to horn cost at checkout

Traditional Conch Horns

Trophy Horns

Monster Conch 11" Plus Never seen in USA

New Imports are really big with very Low deep sound as Horns with brass moutpiece

   Very Big Show Stoppers  11 " Plus  Add To Cart $18000

             10" to 11" Big Conch Horns   Add To Cart $130.00 
Giant Conch Horns
 9 to 10"  
Purchase this item   $84.00  Traditional Show  
Really big Conch shells, Awesome  Sound

                      Large Conch Horn 8 to 9"  Add To Cart $60.00 Best Signal Horns
Conch Horn Blasters  7 t0 8"  
Purchase this item    $47.00 Very loud  they get everyone's attention
                                        Bo swains Horn 6 t0 7" 
Add To Cart $42Very pretty & great sound ! Our loadest and most devistating!!


                    Select engraving and add to horn cost at checkout    

Conch Horn Crackers    
     Cracker horns are really very loud great small horns. We guarantee it !  
Crackers all come with our signature Brass mouthpiece just like the Trophy Horns
No lanyhards or engraving are possible on Cracker Horns !

 Small Size are Super loud for sporting events !  
Small Cracker Horns 6" to 7" $18.00 Ea Add To Cart
Large Cracker Horns 7 to 8" $25.00 Ea  Add To Cart
These horns will wake the living and the dead !
All Crackers come with our custom brass mouthpiece !

*  New * Conch Horn Crackers  * Not perfect trophies but Guaranteed Great horns ! Click picture for details>>


>>See Custom Engraving info Page                                       >>
 Full Dress Lanyard Allows engraving on both sides 40 letters max per side
* Select at checkout *

Engraving costs must be paid at check out or will not be done !

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         Give a unique new gift no one has ever seen before !             
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All Lamps can be made with oversized Base for engraved Faux Ivory Oval 

Engraved Faux Ivory Plate and wood stand for Shell Oil Candles
-- $25.00 additional for each lamp
Add To Cart

All Lamps can be made with oversized Base for an engraved Faux Ivory Oval much like the Horns are engraved !

For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir
   Mother Nature and I are proud of these unique natural never seen tropical decor gift ideas            
Special Never Seen
Romantic Gifts That will be remembered for a lifetime
These very unusual
decor gifts are now being used as romantic decor at weddings and in fine homes everywhere
Beautiful housewarming
island decor gifts with flowers and flames while burning !!

We are the Worlds only makers of these unique lamps right here in the USA !

     conch shells
        Young keiki (children) blow their  shell horns