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  Caribbean Conch Horns                                                  Pacific Triton Horns 

Listen to the        Conch  & Triton     Sounds
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Traditional South Seas Shell Wedding Horns

Horns Blowing Instructions
 No it is not a trick but all shell horns are just that, they are horns
They are not like whistles that  have a sounding device inside of them
 You can not just blow air through them to make a sound. You must make the correct
 buzzing sound with your lips held tightly together into the mouthpiece. Then the horn will pick up that sound and amplify it. They are blown just like all musical Horns like a bugle or a trombone. Children of all ages blow musical horns all around the world
 If you cannot get it right ask a friend that knows how to blow a horn to show you

 Our horns have a brass mouthpiece

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Conch Giants & Super Giants
These are not conch rollers like everyone uses to make horns
These are truly glorious grand giant shells Not found anywhere else in America !

These are what everyone else is selling
"They are called Conch Rollers"
These are not adult shells. And they are not made by experienced makers
Only two out of four conch will be a good sounding horn so we discard those that are not
In fact these Conch rollers shells are no longer allowed to be imported into the USA because they were taken at a very young age. So young they have not had a chance to reproduce !

There is only one Legendary Conch Horns Company !
We only sell wonderful great sounding horns that are all beautifully cleaned and polished
 And  personal engraving  adds a final personal touch to a very unusual & dramatic gift
    * Very lovely faux ivory is used  for all scrimshaw engraved plates *    
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Traditional Conch Horns
 Giant Conch Horns 9 "   Purchase this item    $110.00   Grand Ceremonial
       Large Conch Horns   8 to 9"  
Purchase this item   $80.00  Very spectacular horns
 Conch Horn Blasters  7 t0 8"  Purchase this item    $60.00  Very loud high pitched!

Ancient Triton Horns
Giant Giants 13 to 14 after cut ~15 to 16" before     $296.00    purchase botton Limited
Super Giants 12 to 13 after cut ~14 to 15" before     $236.00      Purchase this item
Giant Triton Horns 11 to 12" after cut $198.00  purchase botton
Triton Trumpets  8 to 9"     $125.00     purchase botton     great high pinched horn

254 Triton Horns for one order !
We are Americas only maker of giant Pacific Triton Horns
We are pros for over 30 years now !
If you want a really great horn that sounds great and looks great we are the people to see
Creative people do appreciate Creative things. Read the feedback below >>>

Conch Shell and Other Seashells Cleaning >>>

Lifetime refillable seashell oil lamps

~ Not Endangered Species ~

All of our shells are fished legally within season and none of them are endangered species. They have all entered this country with the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife approval. None have come from any countries where over fishing is occurring. They are taken first as a food source like all fish and then the shell is used as well. In years past these beautiful shells were discarded !
These are not band immature Conch Rollers like so many others are selling !

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