Lovely Sea Shell Favors
Almost all of our shells can be drilled so you can pass ribbon through
Simple Natural & Inexpensive !

Sand Dollars Starfish and many other Seashells are very lovely natural Place Markers & Favors
they are also less expensive than many other favors


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We can drill most shells. Some shells are just too small to drill. And we cannot drill bag shells by the Gallon, Kilo or Basket. Just make a special request at checkout to have your shells drilled for free !
Fresh Fished Caribbean Conch Shells
  The Worlds finest Centerpieces !
All of our conch are trimmed so they will stand as a vase for water & flowers or silk !
*You can also rent these shells*



 Engraved Keepsakes for a Lifetime
 The Shell Horns Wedding Ceremony of Royal Hawaii !

 Traditional Hawaiian South Seas Shell Wedding Horns

Glorious Sand Ceremony Sets and Lifetime Display Keepsakes !

Lifetime refillable seashell oil lamps
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