Giant Seashells Gift Baskets
Giant Shell Basket 12 - Click For Larger View

Very wonderful gift for all ages
Ask for gift wrapping at check out and you have a lovely sea shell gift basket with a personalized card !

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Giant Seashells Gift Baskets
Shells are 1 - 3" in sizes
(12") $12.50 Each  
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Other shell gift baskets

Sewing Box Shell Pack - Click For Larger View
Sewing Box Shells Gift Baskets
(7") $8.50 Ea  Purchase this item

I don't know why these lovely baskets have not become more popular as fun fast gifts
that are suitable for  all ages. They are lovely display pieces for any home and are a natural attention getting curiosity that draws everyone to hold them !

We represent the largest importers of seashells in the world
If you want anything you do not see please contact us with a free phone call

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