Pacific  Murex  Oil Candles  ~

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* Lifetime lamps are refillable forever*
 Worlds only Lifetime shell lamps using natural shell chambers to store oil  
For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has
ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir

  Mother Nature and I are both proud of these unique natural never seen lamps
Shell chambers resist predators of all sorts in one of the worlds harshest environments
Our unique process permanently closes and seals the upper chamber forever
These lamps can be easily refilled again and again by removing the wick stem like a cork

 All oil is contained inside the shell body. The open mouth remains dry and clean.
With a lifetime fiberglass wick they are lifetime lamps !

 Sound    Control
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               Never made before unique crafts gifts                    
They are a very hard shell, almost crystalline. They can burn in many different positions
Use one or several together to create a dramatic centerpiece.  Lovely never seen beach wedding gifts

We are the only makers of these unique fine craft gifts


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Never ever seen before Housewarming Gifts and Island Decor

Dazzling Beach Wedding Gifts that are truly fine craft individual productions

A shell art form developed over the years to perfect the many different unique lamps

  Legendary Shells Unique Fine Crafts Gifts & New Fine Crafts Gifts Invention

Very different unique crafts not made anywhere else on earth !

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                                                                                                               Used often as lifetime Tropical Wedding decorations



          Replica Gold Doubloon wick ornament. A touch of seafaring history

    Go to see small Murex lamps for sale 

    Murex of any size are very dramatic tropical decor pieces fine crafts gifts

       They can burn in many positions

                    In the Dark..............Murex cast a wonderful light through the shell !

     Legendary Shells Unique Fine Crafts Gifts. New Fine Craft Gifts Invention   
       Unique Wedding Decorations & Very
Romantic Fine Craft Gifts New Art Form

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