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* Lifetime lamps can be refilled forever *

For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir

See how Lamps are made info page

These are the first Unique Lifetime Oil Candles made
from real natural Sea Shells


~ Small Lamps ~


Nautilus Shells are the very best shell cake toppers ever
With many hours of oil to burn a 7" shell weighs less than six ounces and they have a perfect light weight broad base stand to rest on the cake
And they never leak since they are all tested under water with air pressure for integrity

Or with flowers as individual place settings and wedding favors !

 Very exciting new flaming Wedding Cake Toppers, beach wedding gifts & favors 

 Unique never seen before last a lifetime reusable Cake Decorations !  They are wonderful home decoration memories for many years after the wedding

 Use one lamp on cake top and smaller lamps below

 Lovely very unusual wedding cake decorations      

    Go to the Tea Lights 3 piece Sets      

Very  lovely in groupsUnique Tea Lights Sets

 Never made before warm shell lamps are truly unique island gifts

Beautiful romantic lifetime tropical gifts made from real shells are rare island decorations

  Beach Wedding Favors & Gifts and of course unique stocking stuffers


Atlantic Fox Oil Candles are perfect small gifts or with other shells as a group
  (7"-8") $32.00 Ea  Purchase this item

Atlantic Fox 6 to 7" & 7 to 8"   great cake decorating ideas or very substantial little lamps
that fit the bath especially well.  Or in any tropical decor setting


   Medium White Murex 


   Very wonderful small shells 7 to 8"   

  Small Murex  that look just like their larger sisters !   $62.00  Purchase this item

       Another great wedding cake topper or gifts and wedding favors

The smaller shells are a perfect cake decor Wedding Decorations & Wedding Cake Toppers

The best cake decorating is done with an assortment of these never seen before reusable small lamps
 Planners can use them over and over again. Or the bride can give them to the wedding guests as very unusual lifetime keepsake wedding favors

A truly  great wedding cake topper wedding decoration favor !


Medium Conch Shells Oil Lamps 6 to 8" 

Great in groups. Make your own gift set with other small lamps


Medium conch 6 to 8"   $36.00      Purchase this item

Use these small lamps in cake decorating  with other larger Wish lamps as table decorations
 They are perfect in concert with these rare smaller lamps as
cake decorating pieces
 Create a South Seas Wedding atmosphere by using flowers with all of the larger shell decorations and the
cake decorating pieces

Really special beach wedding gifts and wedding cake decorations 

See how Lamps are made info page

Wonderful Wedding Decoration or gift for all occasions

And Wedding Cake Toppers

See All of The Other Exotic Shell Wish Lamps    >>

Traditional South Seas Shell Wedding Horns

Very unusual never seen before stocking  gifts at Christmas and very special beach wedding gifts  

See Finished Works for Sale

              Creative people do appreciate creative things               

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> Dear Conch King...
> I just wanted to let you know that the conch horns and shell lamps arrived
> the other day and they are absolutely gorgeous!  The quality is impeccable,
> the shells exquisite, and I just can't rave enough!  One is for my sister,
> who retired on her sailboat, and the other is for our daughter's wedding.
> Both will be heirloom gifts, and they will have fun using them, too!  Thanks
> again, so very much, for such an extraordinary product!!!  You are
> right...creative people (I'm a multimedia artist) will search high and low
> for truly creative things, and I'm so glad I found you!
> Gayle Rose
> Feel free to post this rave on your website!

Lovely Island decor gifts. Mystical never seen romantic gifts. Romantic decor for Kings and Queens
Tropical decor for a lifetime. Use as event decorations and then lifetime tropical home decor. Natural unique nautical decor. Nautical gifts like none other
Housewarming gifts for the entire year. Awe inspiring home decor ideas. Very special tropical decor gifts

Very spectacular
Beach Wedding Decorations