Historic Traditional Seafaring Shell Signal Horns
Custom Engraved Keepsake Trophy Gifts


  Caribbean Conch Horns                                                                     Pacific Triton Horns  

Used By the Royal British Navy for 500 Years
Triton Shells are the Royal Fanfare Trumpets of The Hawaiian Islands
Traditional Sailing Signal Horns
* US Coast Guard Approved and Listed
Historic Engraved Sailing Trophies  & Gifts

  Any Font & any Symbol   
 These faux ivory horn lanyard ovals are reminiscent of the old sailors art of scrimshaw. They are engraved by us right here at our location.
This allows us to make very special custom engravings with your help. See some of the things we have done below.
These custom scrimshaw like engravings make an already very unique gift a personalized lifetime keepsake
We can make very lovely wedding pieces as well as yacht trophies and military awards.

* Full Dress Lanyard Allows engraving on both sides up to 40 characters per side *
Select one side or both sides option at checkout !

Faux Whale Ivory And Scrimshaw !
Feels like Ivory, Looks like Ivory, Very Hard and durable, Very lovely Hand carved
This beautiful material will never corrode or change color 1/4" thick x 4"long

Sailing Trophies From The sea Itself

Military Awards and Gifts
Lovely Traditional Wedding Horns Inscriptions
   Boats Drawing and Home Port

       Trophies for all Sports and Occasions


Very great birthday gifts !

Organization Presentation Gifts

    All Military Insignias

Full color sublimation printing is also possible
We can match your company logo colors and design exactly
These exotic gaseous  inks become part of the Dacron material with heat and pressure ! 



Full Dress Lanyard style allows removal of ivory plate and replacement with another !

We have found that large bold font looks the best with a maximum of 40 letters per side
Design your own plates and email them to us. Or we will use our experience !
Printable area is 2.5" X 1.5"   Plates are 1/4" thick x 4" long
Select engraving choices at checkout.

* A very special  and unique Sailing Trophy Gift from history*

 Famous Legendary Seafaring Shell Horns   
Traditional Hawaiian South Seas Shell Wedding Horns

Off & On    Narration  

Hand Crafted Acoustics
All Legendary Horns come with a brass mouthpiece unless customized by you !
Cutting seashell horns for great acoustics is an art that we have perfected over many years of making
 the worlds very finest Shell Horns !

All  Horns have a brass mouthpiece unless you customize your horn with special instructions at checkout !

Ancient Triton Horns

 Giant Triton Horns 11to 12" after cut, 13 to 14" before $125.00            purchase botton
   Large Triton Horns 10 to 11" after cut purchase botton12 to 13" before $110.00
  Triton Trumpets  8 to 9"  great higher purchase botton pinched   horn  $70.00 
Triton Tripper 6 to 8" after cut  Add To CartVery loud cool little Horns $55.00 

Traditional Conch Horns
Trophy Horns

Giant Conch Horns 9 to 10"  Purchase this item   $84.00  Traditional Show 
Really big Conch shells, Awesome  Sound
( Very Big Show Stoppers)

                      Large Conch Horn 8 to 9"  Add To Cart $60.00 Best Signal Horns used for hundreds of years
Conch Horn Blasters  7 t0 8"  
Purchase this item    $47.00 Very loud  they get everyone's attention
                                        Bo swains Horn 6 t0 7" 
Add To Cart $42Very pretty & great sound ! Our loadest and most devistating!!
  Select engraving and add to horn cost at checkout   

Conch Horn Crackers    
     Cracker horns are really very loud great small horns. We guarantee it !   
Crackers all come with our signature Brass mouthpiece just like the Trophy Horns
No lanyhards or engraving are possible on Cracker Horns !

 Small Size are Super loud for sporting events !   
Small Cracker Horns 6" to 7" $18.00 Ea Add To Cart
Large Cracker Horns 7 to 8" $25.00 Ea  Add To Cart
These horns will wake the living and the dead !
All Crackers come with our custom brass mouthpiece !

*  New * Conch Horn Crackers  * Not perfect trophies but Guaranteed Great horns ! Click picture for details>>

Engraving $10.50  for each plate up to 40 letters one side  purchase botton
Engraving $15.50  for each plate up to 40 letters on both sides  Add To Cart
 Add on  Engraving purchase for one or two sides w/ 3 day priority mail delivery included $25.00  purchase botton
Select Engraving options at checkout !

 Full Dress Lanyard Allows engraving on both sides 40 letters max per side
40 letters on each side Select engraving at checkout

These truly are very unique custom engraved gifts from seafaring history
A working sailing trophy gift used for centuries by sailors around the world !
These faux Ivory scrimshaw engraved pieces will never corrode or change color in any way !
Very similar to the centuries old whale ivory and scrimshaw engraving !








 Best Quality Guaranteed or refund back

We represent the largest international dealers of seashells in the world
If you want anything you do not see please contact us with a Live phone call now

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