Broken Giant Clam From eBay item#262063064355
Sold in eBay by 2010michael1961
Very poorly Packed !

I am Requesting a full refund !
If seller wants to have it shipped back they can send me a label by email


 Arrived today 9/8/15 by Postal Priority broken in many places..

Was obviously mishandled but without real packaging it did not have a chance


Right through the entire shell

Another smaller crack in back

Requesting full refund !

A large piece of shell broken right off

Two thin boxes were used with very little padding and none on the end where this break occurred
 This end was pushed right through the box

 Best Quality Guaranteed or refund back

We represent the largest international dealers of seashells in the world
If you want anything you do not see please contact us with a Live phone call now

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