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Give something no one has ever seen before ! 

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  Mother nature and I are proud of our lamps and horns
We have taken great care in their creation !

** Lifetime lamps can be refilled forever *
 Worlds only Lifetime shell lamps using natural shell chambers to store oil  
For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has
ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir

  Mother Nature and I are both proud of these unique natural never seen lamps
Shell chambers resist predators of all sorts in one of the worlds harshest environments
Our unique process permanently closes and seals the upper chamber forever
These lamps can be easily refilled again and again by removing the wick stem like a cork

 All oil is contained inside the shell body. The open mouth remains dry and clean.
With a lifetime fiberglass wick they are lifetime lamps !

Fun and beautiful new never seen before gifts in every price range and size
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   ~ Traditional Seafaring Conch Horns ~
Great Engraved Unique Historic Father's Day Gifts

    Triton Horns
    Conch Horns  

  See special sand carved engraving of Horns lanyard plates  >>
Used by sailors around the world for centuries !
Given by The United States Marines to their commanders
Now a  U.S. Coast Guard  and Navy traditional award trophy and gift
And they are now considered beach wedding traditions as an engraved keepsake
And really great engraved working historic unique New Father's Day gifts for Dad the sailor
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Small lamps are wonderful     Unique Tea Lights Sets      

~ Very Lovely Unique Mother's Day Gifts ~

These lovely  lamps will be remembered and used for many years to come !
Bring back your mom's nostalgic youthful trips to the sea again with these lifetime seashell lamps
Now used in celebrity centerpiece decorations of all sorts

Make a South Seas Tropical Centerpiece this year that you can enjoy all year long
Use your imagination with one or an assortment of different shells to make a tropical centerpiece with flowers. Your neighbors have never seen these lamps before

Very loving and unique Birthday and Mother's day  gifts that will be used in all occasions 
Never seen before
Shell candles that will lift the spirits of all who see them

 Completely new & unique gifts that are beautiful and economical whether lit or not  

Wonderful never seen new Unique Birthday Gifts

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    Amazing unique new lifetime shell lamps that cast a romantic spell on everyone
These very unique lamps are perfect as birthday gift remembrance not just today but all year long
Wonderful  Never Seen as Bathroom Candles  with Treats or Scents of Potpourri
Totally unusual New Mothers Day Gifts that come in all sizes and price ranges
The Most Magical Unique Birthday Gifts in 500 years !

These handmade lamps have never been made before.   So your gift will be as unusual as you are !
These are lifetime lamps that will be remembered and used forever

" Creative people like creative things "

  See Finished  Works for Sale

 Amazing New Never Seen Island Gifts  
Romantic Island Wedding Decorations
 Never made before wild shell lamps are truly unique island gifts
Beautiful romantic lifetime tropical gifts made from real shells are rare island decorations
Totally unusual new island wedding gifts that come in all sizes and price ranges
Amazing unique island decorations that last a lifetime