~Royal Imperial Volute Lamps & Shells~


A very Romantic Awe inspiring Ancient Lamp !

* Lifetime lamps can be refilled forever *
 Worlds only Lifetime shell lamps using natural shell chambers to store oil  
For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has
ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir

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  Mother Nature and I are both proud of these unique natural never seen lamps
Shell chambers resist predators of all sorts in one of the worlds harshest environments
Our unique process permanently closes and seals the upper chamber forever
These lamps can be easily refilled again and again by removing the wick stem like a cork

 All oil is contained inside the shell body. The open mouth remains dry and clean.
With a lifetime fiberglass wick they are lifetime lamps !
  Mother Nature and I are both proud of these unique
 natural never seen Island candles   

They have a very impressive appearance
 A very Romantic Pacific Shell Lamp that has never been made before 


7 to 8"
7 to 8"  Oil Lamps   $73.00 
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Volute Shells
Family: Volutidae. One of the most popular of collector shells, Volutes live in deep waters and are carnivorous. There are about 200 species of this elegant, spindle-shaped shell. Volutes consume small mollusks and other small marine animals. They are referred to as the aristocrats of the shell world because of their beautiful colors and striking patterns. Volutes lack the free-swimming larval stage of other mollusks. Their large egg capsules contain substances which enable the embryos to survive a prolonged period of development that can last several months. Tiny fully formed shells then emerge from the capsules and crawl away to begin their life. They tend to spend their life in colonies and in small ranges. Volutes are some of the most expensive shells in the world

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