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  Caribbean Conch Horns                                                    Pacific Triton Horns  

  Listen to the horns & read how to blow shell horns & Facts 

        conch shells
        Young keiki (children) blow their  shell horns

Traditional Hawaiian Ceremonial Pu Horns
Hawaiian Ceremonial Pu shell horns are the traditional Royal fanfare trumpet of the Pacific Islands. They are actually large seashells.  Triton & Cassis Cornuta and Queen pink Conch are used
They are capable of emitting a loud sound carrying as far as two miles. The volume depends on the style of blowing rather than breath volume capacity

Since ancient times the pu has been used to announce the beginning of a ceremony. The pu have also been used to honor royalty and famous people
 Many Island weddings are celebrated with the blowing of Conch and Triton Shell horns. Many times blown to the North, South, East and West signifying the gathering of all powers. 

Lovely Traditional Ceremonial Horns for Weddings, Luaus and all Important Gatherings !

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In 1998, a pu was recovered from King Kamehameha II's sunken royal yacht in Hanalei on the North Shore of Kauai
 The long lost treasure was believed to have been used to herald the arrival of King Liholiho and his royal yacht Haaheo O Hawaii (Pride of Hawaii)
The shell had been buried in the sands of Hanalei Bay for 164 years before it was recovered
The pu along with the other recovered artifacts have been conserved by the archaeological team from the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History.

These very historic shell horns have also been used throughout the world as
seafaring signal horns since the dawn of sailing ships.
 The Royal British Navy used these horns for over 500 years ! Hindus and Buddhists have revered these horns for many thousands of years
 They are said to dispel evil spirits and convey prosperity upon those who hear them.

Today Legendary Shells are the worlds only makers of large shell horns.
They make them in a variety of styles. From devotional horns with bamboo mouthpieces to full dress horns with a brass mouthpiece and a line lanyard with an engraved name piece woven into the lanyard
 Engraved pieces are faux ivory engraved in scrimshaw fashion. The added engraved pieces make an already very unique historic gift a keepsake heirloom for a lifetime
 The Engraved Wedding horns are kept by members of the newly married couple as a lifetime reminder of that very romantic time ! They are also great Groomsman's gifts.
These shell horns are now given as gifts and trophy awards of all sorts from yacht trophies and military awards to traditional island wedding keepsakes !

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Ancient Triton Horns

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Traditional Conch Horns

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        Conch Horn Blasters  7 t0 8"  
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These truly are very unique custom engraved gifts from seafaring history
A working sailing trophy gift used for centuries by sailors around the world !
These faux Ivory scrimshaw engraved pieces will never corrode or change color in any way !
Very similar to the centuries old whale ivory and scrimshaw engraving !

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    See The Royal Hawaiian Pu Horns     >>
  Listen to the horns & read how to blow shell horns & Facts   

Traditional South Seas Shell Wedding Horns

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     See the Seafaring Sailing History of these Amazing Shell Horns 

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