Shipboard Style Conch Horns !
Very Unique Historic Military Gifts   

Conch Giants & Super Giants
To hold a conch is to hold the history of the sea
and some of it's most ancient sounds
To Conch Someone is to Blow the Conch in Tribute and Remembrance in Their Honor!
* Historic gifts used by The British Navy for 500 years

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The first thing you must have to make a great conch horns trophy gifts are great shells
No one has conch shells like we do in all of America

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  Horns have a brass mouthpiece

  See The  Giant   Conch Horns Page         See the Giant Triton Horns

        It is possible to select a horn by the note it produces !          

  The only ones!   Perfect trophy gifts and awards award sailing trophy  

Used by sailors around the world for centuries !
Given by The United States Marines to their commanders
Now a  U.S. Coast Guard  and Navy traditional award trophy and gift
And they are now considered beach wedding traditions as an engraved keepsake
Perfect historic
sailing trophies gifts from the sea itself!
  great engraved working historic sailboat gifts for Dad the sailor
Traditional South Seas Shell Wedding Horns


~ Conch Horns~ 

Used for centuries by indigenous Indians and British Naval personal as well as Yachtsmen all over the world as a signaling devise.

These Horns produce a clear and beautiful rich loud tone.

 The Conch horn is now listed by the United States Coast Guard as an approved sound making devise for Licensed  passenger vessels as well as all private Watercraft.



               We Engrave !

Any Font any symbol

Unique Sand Carved   Scrimshaw Engraving

Faux Ivory Plates look great engraved as a gift or Trophy

  Now these carefully selected shells are being handcrafted into shipboard style sailing gifts from seafaring history

 With bright brass mouthpiece and tail lanyard of braided yacht line with engravable faux ivory nameplate

See Custom Engraving info Page >>

 " Trophy quality "   

A Quality Handmade gift

   Only the best shells are used as legendary conch shell horns. Lamps and horns are all made from carefully selected large adult shells. Every legendary horn has a great loud sound or they are discarded

The perfect working sailing gift and award trophy !


 These are not cheaply made souvenirs. We have built our business on return customers
Real show pieces made from large adult Conch like they were 200 years ago !
Memorable engraved trophies and awards

We are the only makers of these wonderful keepsake sailing trophies from Seafaring history

Perfect engraved military awards and gifts made like the British 500 years ago ! 

              Made in Tampa USA               

Perfect engraved sailing race award trophy and & sailboat gifts  

See the Hawaiian Pacific Pu Shells Story >>
     Learn more about shell horns. Visit the Hindu & Buddhist pages  >>   

      * Very lovely faux ivory is used  for all scrimshaw engraved plates *    

Traditional Conch Horns

    Super Giant Horns 10-11"
purchase botton    $84.00  Epic Very low sound
 Giant Conch Horns 9 to 10"   Purchase this item
   $64.00   Grand Ceremonial
       Large Conch Horns   8 to 9"  
Purchase this item   $46.00  Very spectacular horns
        Conch Horn Blasters  7 t0 8"  
Purchase this item    $40.00  Very loud high pitched!

6 to 8" Crackers $25.00 Ea
purchase botton
These horns will wake the living and the dead !
 *  New * Conch Horn Crackers. Guaranteed Great horns ! Click picture for details>>
All the Conch Horns come with a brass mouthpiece !

Ancient Triton Horns
 * The Giant Giants Tritons are now bigger than ever before *
Giant Giants 13 to 14 after cut ~15 to 16" before     $250.00    purchase botton Limited
 Super Giants 12 to 13 after cut ~14 to 15" before     $145.00      Purchase this item
 Giant Triton Horns 11to 12" after cut, 13 to 14" before $125.00 purchase botton
Large Triton Horns 10 to 11" after cut, 12 to 13" before $110.00 purchase botton
Triton Trumpets  8 to 9"     $66.50     purchase botton great high pinched horn

Engraving $10.50  for each plate up to 40 letters one side  
Engraving $14.50  for each plate up to 40 letters on both sides
Select engraving at check out !

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 Full Dress Lanyard Allows engraving on both sides 40 letters max each side
*Select engraving options at checkout *

 Faux Whale Ivory And Scrimshaw !
Feels like Ivory, Looks like Ivory, Very Hard and durable, Very lovely
This beautiful material will never corrode or change color

Wonderful natural sailing trophy gifts from the sea and it's history

Seafarers, whether whalers, explorers or traders would encounter shell horns being used in all of the southern waters  of the world from China to southeast Asia to South America and the Caribbean. They would naturally see their usefulness and carry them with them back to England or Spain or even Scandinavia wherever they were from. Their use in recorded seafaring history goes back a very long way even in places such as Europe, Russia and Japan ! They were used extensively by the British Navy for hundreds of years And now today as sailing trophies, wedding horns or special award trophy gifts !

~These conch shells are very much part of the soul of the islands and seafaring history ~
Truly Unique sailing gifts that anyone who loves the sea and boats and the Islands will treasure forever

To hold a conch is to hold the history of the sea
and some of it's most ancient sounds

handmade sailing gift from history  not found anywhere else on earth !
Wonderful natural sailing historic trophies from the sea and it's history

                         Patents Pending*                            

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              Creative people appreciate creative things               

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----- Original Message -----
From: Christian Woehr
Sent: Monday, November 28, 2005 1:27 AM
Subject: Re: Large Conch Shell horn in 'E' (high)
Dear Robert,
    My horn is beautiful.  It arrived Wednesday, in time to begin toughening up my poor lip.  It is just a bit low, but if I make sure not to block the opening with my hand at all, it is just high enough to qualify as a "folk instrument 'E' ".   It's so much easier to play (with the brass  mouthpiece) than my other conch, and has a big round sound.  My challenge will be to play it softly when required, and to have the endurance needed on it. (It plays almost continuously for several minutes). 
     I don't actually play it with the orchestra until Wednesday, but I heard a recording of the piece today (Revueltas "Night of the Maya").  It's wild, loud, and sounds like a Human Sacrifice Convention.  The horn on my recording is actually playing a 'C', and sounds rather wimpy and erratic. I hope I can do better.
Thanks so much for your prompt service and excellent product.
    Christian Woehr
    Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra


----- Original Message -----
From: "Gayle" <>
Sent: Tuesday, August 23, 2005 10:04 PM
Subject: Re: Your Receipt Order Number: 1343

> Dear Conch King...
> I just wanted to let you know that the conch horns and shell lamps arrived
> the other day and they are absolutely gorgeous!  The quality is impeccable,
> the shells exquisite, and I just can't rave enough!  One is for my sister,
> who retired on her sailboat, and the other is for our daughter's wedding.
> Both will be heirloom gifts, and they will have fun using them, too!  Thanks
> again, so very much, for such an extraordinary product!!!  You are
> right...creative people (I'm a multimedia artist) will search high and low
> for truly creative things, and I'm so glad I found you!
> Gayle Rose
> Feel free to post this rave on your website!

~ Not Endangered Species ~

All of our shells are fished legally within season and none of them are endangered species. They have all entered this country with the U.S. Department of Fish and Wildlife approval. None have come from any countries where over fishing is occurring. They are taken first as a food source like all fish and then the shell is used as well. In years past these beautiful shells were discarded !