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Ready made or Custom Shadow boxes !

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The shadow boxes are actually made one of a kind although they can be reproduced in close likeness.  I make them to order with almost any theme,  my specialty is working with the dolls, figures and plants of a large variety.  I can make any doll or stuffed animal to an exact likeness by having a photograph to go by.  I make a baby's room or child's room or shops such as a Flower Shop (see examples below), or a garden room, Santa's Workshop, etc. 

My Shadow boxes are handmade.   Usually they have miniature wallpaper on the back wall and all furniture or shelves are made of mat board and/or quilling paper.  They have a Plexiglas front attached with little gold screws which can be removed and replaced easily if need be.  They are very strong and durable and the miniatures don't fade or age.  I take great pride in my work and they are very impressive and make a delightful personalized gift for any occasion. 

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The Customer Service  Shadow Box

Customer Service Shadow Box 9 x 11" $150.00Cart3

The Amish Country Store

Country Store Shadow Box 8 x 10" $140.00Cart3

The Kraft Shop

Kraft Shop Shadow Box 9 x 11" $195.00 Cart3

Amish Dolls Shadow Box 8 x 10" $140.00Cart3
tomato bar view cart.jpg
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