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                  Amazing Candle Centerpieces With Flowers and Flames

 Shell Wedding Horns                    Never seen lamps Centerpieces         

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* Remove the wick stem to fill forever*

Worlds only Lifetime shell candles using natural shell chambers to store oil


For all of the thousands of years that man has marveled at the beauty of sea shells no one has ever mastered the art of closing off the upper chamber to make a natural oil reservoir

The perfect bridesmaid gift after decorating the wedding !
The Worlds most Unique Wedding Candle Centerpieces
Never seen Unique Centerpiece
Lovely Bridesmaid Gift after the wedding

~ South Seas Shell Wedding Horns ~
In the tradition of all Pacific Islanders these horns are always blown to herald the New Marriage
These are beautiful heirloom pieces that will be an engraved wedding keepsake for a lifetime

      Conch HornsTriton Horns
  Lovely Traditional Wedding Horns Inscriptions
         See special sand carved engraving of Horns lanyard plates     

Traditional South Seas Shell Wedding Horns

Conch horns will turn your wedding into an occasion of jubilation and hi spirits !
Engraved conch horns are wonderful keepsakes after the wedding or groomsman gift
Engraved Conch Horns are Great Tropical Weddings Traditions
Engraved Horns are a perfect Groomsman Gift        Unique Lamps as a Bridesmaid Gift

   Famous Legendary Conch Horns Go to pages  

These shells are very much a part of the soul of the islands and seafaring history


See Unique Island  Beach Wedding Favors   

  Fresh fished polished & trimmed large conch decoration shells !      

~ Cakes Decorations  ~

Totally Unique Flaming Wedding Decorating for cakes

Use these smaller lifetime lamps as wedding decorating favors
 Unique table decoration ideas !
Tropical Wedding planners are using these Wedding decorating favors

   Never Seen Before Wedding Candles      

The Most Magical Unique Candle Centerpieces in 1000 years

  See  Finished Works for Sale

                         * Patents Pending*                           

With flowers they are outstanding  candle centerpieces
Traditional Essentials for any real Beach Theme Weddings !
Unique candle centerpieces alone or wonderful in groups
A unique centerpiece made with these lamps will add a never seen before unique quality your display deserves !
Lovely Bridesmaid gift and Groomsman gift i ideas !

   Spectacular Candle Centerpieces   

 These shells create very unusual never seen before font> candle centerpieces
All of these handmade wedding candles are naturally translucent.

Most Unique Candle Centerpieces since Aladdin's  Lamp

The horns will turn your wedding into an occasion of jubilation and high spirits
And the candle centerpieces will make your wedding candles romantic south seas inspirations

The worlds most Unique Candle Centerpiece

Use different types of shell lamps as candle centerpieces  on all of your tables and then give these lifetime lamps as a lasting memory as a Bridesmaid gift and to other special wedding guests

  The engraved horns are wedding keepsakes after the wedding or perfect engraved Groomsman Gift   

The lamps are perfect Wedding Candle Centerpieces  for anyone !

                   *  Patents Pending                                

 Truly An Unusual  Personal gift for any occasion