Ready made or Custom Shadow boxes !
And individual Characters
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    All Figures are 1 to 1&1/2" Tall   
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Amish Dolls Shadow Box 8 x 10" $140.00Cart3

Quaint and simple

Country Store Shadow Box 8 x 10" $140.00Cart3

Any of the characters can be ordered

as Tree Ornaments at no extra charge

Going to Church Wagon & Boon Family $50.00 Cart3

Ben Stone $13.00Cart3

Liza Stone $13.00Cart3

Mr. Boon $13.00Cart3

Mrs. Boon $13.00Cart3

Suzan $12.00Cart3

John Livingston $13.00Cart3

Mrs. Livingston $13.00Cart3

Annabel $12.00Cart3

The Livingstons
 3 Pc $34.00

The Stones Pair $25.00Cart3

Wagon 6" $15.00 Cart3


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tomato bar view cart.jpg