Lovely Ruffled Baby Giant Clam Display Shells

We use our many years of experience to clean and polish these shells to a very lovely condition
Every Giant Shell We Sell is highly polished and guaranteed delivery unbroken ! 

 << We are the Seashell Experts ! No other company will do this for you ! >> 


   Baby Ruffled Giant Clams are wonderful shells to display    

   Very Special Decorators shells for many decors and locations !  

Bite Size decorations that will be noticed as unusual and natural !

We always leave the outside natural
And the inside that is normally a high gloss receives a final shiny buffing !


A lovely bowl of butter !   


Very rare Seashell display piece. These are very rare in the shell world

Rare Decor piece for all kinds of decorating

Lovely Ladies Show Their Stuff !       

Baby Giant Clam half 10" to 12"$65.00 Add To Cart #1027 
Baby Giant Clam half  12"to 14" $85.00 Add To Cart

 Best Quality Guaranteed or refund back

We represent the largest international dealers of seashells in the world
If you want anything you do not see please contact us with a Live phone call now

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